M/F Ærøsund II was a Danish ferry which served the route Ærøskøbing-Svendborg in the archepelago south of Fyn, Denmark, from 1960 til 1999

Ferry becomes Denmark's first artificial reef

Cold water diving will never be the same after a visit to Gulen situated north of Bergen on the Norwegian west coast. Here, history meets present day, the...

Gulen, Norway

Publisher of DYK magazine announces that it has suspended payments and is filing for bankruptcy.

Last issue of DYK was #1 February 2013
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Rosemary E. Lunn
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Rosemary E. Lunn
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@Delta how about serving soft pretzels in your Pennsylvania clubs instead of bagels? Treat us to this local delicac… https://t.co/2xcNXgTaIZ