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X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
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Western Australia Shark Cull Rejected

article |  
Australia’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recommended Western Australia (WA) end its controversial shark killing program.

Chemical Weapon Munitions Dumped at Sea

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Philippine Airlines (PAL) says it has stopped flying shark fin cargoes

Article citing other sources |  
Philippine Airlines joins a number of other Asia-Pacific carriers in taking a stand for marine conservation.

Argentinean coastal wildlife haven declared Biosphere Reserve

article |  
Four million acres in southern Argentina declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

UNESCO Awards Australia Great Barrier Reef Reprieve

article |  
Site in danger deadline delayed

New Caledonia creates massive new marine park

article |  
In excess of 1.3 million square kilometres, new park will be world’s largest

Are tourists disturbing white sharks off California?

Article with video |  
Over the next five years NOAA will study potential disturbances to white sharks due to research and tourism in Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

New guidelines for divers in England

article |  
PRESS RELEASE -- This guidance for divers in England is issued by the following agencies as a joint statement: BSAC, GUE, PADI, PSAI, SSI, SAA and TDI / SDI.

Sargasso Sea Granted Protection

article |  
Vast patch of mid-Atlantic renowned for unique floating seaweeds and rich biodiversity

Ghost fishing: Can we prevent it?

X-Ray Magazine article |  
There are certain images of marine life that consistently conjure up a predicted response from the general public, whether they are scuba divers or not.
59 - Mar 2014 | Ghost Fishing

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